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Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL)

Demonstrate Your Leadership Excellence

Today, growth and change in the internal auditing field is demanding a new type of leader — one who drives a high performing audit team while delivering value by consistently addressing stakeholder needs, top-down risks, and expectations of an evolving marketplace. The IIA has developed the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership® (QIAL®) to support you on this journey to be included among the next generation of visionaries for the profession.

So whether you’re an aspiring leader, an audit executive (AE), or an experienced instructor, the QIAL is the right qualification for the next stage in your career progression.

Who Can Benefit from Earning the QIAL?

If you are aspiring to be a leader in your organization or looking to add credibility to your current leadership role with stakeholders and peers, the QIAL will help you build and enhance skills to further establish your credibility as a leader of the future.

Aspiring Leaders
The QIAL provides you with the credibility by demonstrating you have key leadership competencies valued by executives and stakeholders.

“The QIAL has aligned my priorities as a leader and reinforced my mindset that we are agents of change with a challenging but exciting and evolving task on our hands.” Joanne Paula Traice, QIAL – Director, Group Internal Audit & Risk, DP World

New Leaders
The QIAL will help provide you with the focus you need to become the best audit executive you can be.

“As an individual, the QIAL has been a big confidence booster. I’m now a member of an elite global club of qualified CAEs. Further, I’ve gained additional respect from my subordinates and have earned the admiration of many of my peers. In short, I believe I am a better CAE as a result of the QIAL experience.” Farah Araj, CIA, QIAL – Chief Audit Executive, National Holding, LLC

Experienced Leaders

The QIAL will sharpen the essential skills that have brought you success and develop new ones to solidify future achievements.

“To me [QIAL] signifies excellence and recognition as it further enhances my status in the field of internal auditing. Completing the QIAL also provided me with the professional development I was seeking.” Aldrin Sequeira, QIAL – Chief Internal Audit Officer, Jumeirah Group

Experienced Instructors

The QIAL also benefits experienced instructors who have worked with senior practitioners in helping prepare them for leadership positions or have been engaged in postgraduate academic research in internal auditing and related fields.

How Will I Benefit from Earning the QIAL?

The program includes highly transferable skills suitable for any senior leadership position, but the emphasis throughout is on how these skills coalesce around the qualities of leadership in the specific case of the audit executive.

The QIAL will help drive your success by providing you with confidence and credibility in the following areas:

- Internal Audit Leadership
- Organizational Leadership
- Ethical Leadership
- Innovation and Change Leadership

Access CCMS to begin the application and registration process or contact for more information.

Download the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL) Brochure.

QIAL Study Resources

Now Available

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA‒United Kingdom and Ireland) has developed a QIAL online study system that combines user-friendly functionality with access to study texts, case studies, and other resources, such as podcasts and a collaborative “wiki.”

- You will have access to a tutor who will assist you in your preferred areas of study. You can contact your tutor with questions.
- The learning resources are interactive. Podcasts, videos, and case studies will make learning stimulating, rather than a chore.
- You can contact other QIAL students via online forums to share and discuss ideas and issues.
- The learning system offers the flexibility to study on your own schedule.

Click here to access the QIAL study materials.


  Access CCMS to begin the application process or contact for more information.

QIAL Scheduling 2016

Face-to-Face Presentation and Panel Interview Dates

New York, New York, USA
July 15 and 16, 2016

Stockholm, Sweden
October 9, 2016

Orlando, Florida, USA
November 28 and 29, 2016

Contact to inquire about availability and scheduling.

2016 Case Studies Assessment Windows
Jun. 1-30 Oct. 1-31
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